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Online Psychotherapy Group

The Pursuit Of Mindfulnes

In this group, individuals will learn new mindfulness skills while practicing self compassion. Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress, 
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy incorporates the practice of self-acceptance, meta-cognition, and how people view and respond to their experiences. During this 12-week group therapy, 
the individual can expect to gain an understanding of mindfulness meditation and practice it while being guided in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

These sessions are 90 minutes long and take place in groups of no more than 12 participants online via zoom meetings.

The Pursuit Of Mindfulness
Group Psychotherapy


Duration: 12 weeks

Price: $ 58.25/90 min session

Note: Before being placed in your specific group, we require a complimentary consultation to discuss and meet your particular needs.

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